The Swamp Strikes Back

Somewhere in a swamp far, far away, the lords of the Dark Side are laughing.  They could have ignored the Christian knight from the strange and insignificant world of Alabama.  But that is not the way of the Darth lords. Opposition must not only be vanquished, but any and all who refuse to give obeisance to the Empire must be destroyed utterly.

When the accusations broke concerning Roy Moore, we shouldn’t have been surprised.  Naturally, it was a dirty trick — that goes without saying.  This is a man who has been in the public eye for at least 25 years and has been removed from office twice by a netherworld Kangaroo court styled “The Court of the Judiciary”, something that few states have and no voter understands.  Actually, he wasn’t removed the second time as the Kangaroo Court didn’t have the votes.  Instead to get around their own rules, they merely barred him from his salary and from the Bench! How likely is it then that the Swamp wouldn’t have already known these accusations if they had existed?

Besides, the Swamp itself created this knight’s notoriety with help from their ACLU squires and Media minions.  He was an unknown local judge until the Left learned he had the unmitigated temerity to post a copy of the Ten Commandments on his courtroom wall, something that used to be common all over America.  He fought successfully to keep them on that wall and became a famous figure.  He later ran for Chief Justice of Alabama promising to install a monument to the Ten Commandments, and he won overwhelmingly.  When the enemies of the people stymied his efforts to install this monument inside the Court, he settled with putting it into his administrative building.  In a futile attempt to placate the Dark Side, he included other famous precursors of our law. “Diversity” is the mother’s milk of the Swamp Empire but they would not be so easily placated.  This was an impertinence up with which they dare not put.

It was an easy matter to shop a liberal federal judge to order the removal of the monument.  Sound familiar, Mr. President?  Seizing upon this opportunity to try to break the power of unelected judges who fail to follow the Constitution, separation of powers, federalism, etc., he refused. No doubt he hoped that he might find support from fellow conservatives who had complained so vociferously about the overreaching Judiciary.  The RINO governor gave tepid lip service but no real support, the RINO president was silent and the RINO State AG condemned him and argued for his conviction by the Kangaroo Court.  This former AG, Bill Pryor, now sits on the Court of Appeals and many want him to be our next justice on the Supreme Court.  Please spare us.

People outside of Alabama probably think Roy Moore was impeached.  Oh yes, we have impeachment in Alabama, but it isn’t necessary.  Most people assume Roy Moore was removed from office because of some abuse of power on the Bench.  That also is not true.  He was removed for decisions that arose from his position as administrative head of the judicial department.  This is green eyeshade stuff, which simply boggles the mind.  You ought to see the list of lower level swamp rats who made up this kangaroo court so the bigwigs could pretend to keep their hands clean.

Several years ago, the Swamp ousted an outsider governor merely by having an opposition prosecutor trump up charges of stealing from himself.  Governor Hunt was convicted by a local jury (not of his peers and not from his town).  It too was a set up.  The Swamp led by the lieutenant governor quickly blocked him from returning to his office.  Governor Hunt had to fight many years to clear his name, which he managed to do long after his term had expired (naturally).  He was an evangelical Christian like Moore. But his real crime, like Trump’s, was for not being “by the Swamp, of the Swamp and for the Swamp”.

In Washington, there are calls for impeachment, but more often the Swamp just drives people out with innuendo, special counsels, hit pieces, and lying polls.  They somehow convince voters that they shouldn’t vote for them because they are imperfect or ignorant or unsophisticated, or in the case of Trump, that he is a vain and vulgar New Yorker. While some of that may be true, and all people have their foibles, it is not the reason for their animus.  The Swamp hates them for what they represent.  They hate individuality and they hate our freedom to choose our own champions.  They really hate democracy, i.e., they hate us.  Ultimately, we must support Roy Moore and Donald Trump for what that represent.  They are we and we are they.

I trust that before the special election, President Trump will realize how much he has in common with Roy Moore and will give him his full support.  The Empire is full of  swamps to drain.  May the Force be with us.


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